Microsoft is killing off Windows 10 Office Lens app and other services

Office Lens for Windows 10

Microsoft is constantly adding new features and apps to Windows
10 via Windows Updates and Microsoft Store. At the same time,
Microsoft is also pretty brutal when it thinks apps or services
aren’t being used or better alternatives are available.

As it does every year, Microsoft is now reminding customers
that it’s going to end support for some Windows 10 apps and
enterprise services in 2021.

Perhaps the most noticeable Windows 10 app that has been
discontinued is the Office Lens app. As you may be aware,
Office Lens is popular because it lets you shoot photos of
written materials and then convert printed words in the image
to text through OCR.

There are other ways to extract images from screenshots or
images, but Microsoft has added some impressive tricks to the
genre with Office Lens and it’s currently the best solution in
the marketplace.

Earlier this week, Microsoft removed Office Lens from the
Microsoft Store. If the app is installed, you can still use it
but it no longer supports cloud-based features. For example,
you won’t be able to save photos scanned using Office Lens to
OneNote or OneDrive.

Office Lens app

Microsoft is recommending users to
download the app from the Play Store and App Store for the best

If you still want to use Microsoft’s OCR technology on Windows
10, you can also try OneDrive, which now has all the basic
features including to scan the Whiteboard, Business Card, and

Old Microsoft Edge

The original Microsoft Edge browser, which is pre-installed
with all versions of Windows 10, won’t be supported after March

In a post to the admin portal, Microsoft is advising Windows 10
users to use the new version of Edge, which has been retooled
using Chromium open-source platform. If you don’t move
manually, the new Edge will be automatically installed.

Internet Explorer 11

Starting August 17, 2020,
you can no longer use Internet Explorer to access Microsoft
365 services, such as Office web apps, Outlook, and many
Microsoft account features will be unavailable.

Microsoft is encouraging users to upgrade to Edge, which works
best with Windows 10.

Enterprise services

Later this year, Microsoft plans to end support for the
following enterprise services:

  • TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1
  • Skype for Business Online Connector
  • Visio Web Access

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