Microsoft is bringing tabs to Office Suite in Windows 10 for productivity

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Microsoft has already started working on the next Windows 10
update codenamed Redstone 5 launching this fall. As Windows 10
Redstone 4 will be released by end of April, Microsoft appears
to be accelerating the development of Windows 10 Redstone 5
feature update.

Microsoft yesterday released Windows 10 Build 17643 for the
Windows Insiders in the Skip Ahead ring. The build comes
with several new features, including
Windows 10 Sets improvements that finally brings Tabs to
Office suite. With the next version of Windows 10, Microsoft
will bring web-browser like tabs to Office applications for
utmost productivity.

Microsoft a while ago announced Sets, this new feature in
Windows 10 is projected to bring web-browser like tabs to UWP
and legacy apps including the File Explorer. Microsoft is
finally bringing the Sets interface to Office suite, which
means you can run Word, Excel or PowerPoint in the same window.
The Word, Excel or PowerPoint tabs in a window is similar to
tabs in Microsoft Edge browser.

Tabs in Office for Windows 10
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Regardless of the applications, the Sets should work with a
default or non-customized title bar. Microsoft has enabled tabs
for most of the Win32 apps, however certain apps such as
Paint.exe would not work with Tabs for the time being.
Microsoft might bring tabs to all legacy apps regardless of the
title bar in near future.

The tabs of other apps in Microsoft Edge is also updated to
support drag and drop. In a blog post, Microsoft explains that
the Edge browser supports the ability to hold app tabs within
the window. “If you’ve opened a Microsoft Edge window within
Sets, you can now drag that tab around within the set, as well
as drop it in another Sets window. Dragging between a Sets
window and a standalone Microsoft Edge window does not yet
work,” Microsoft explained.

Sets in Windows 10 is one of the exciting features announced by
Microsoft in the last few years. Sets is useful and productive
as it enables tabs nearly everywhere across the Windows 10
operating system. Microsoft says that Sets in UWP and Win32
apps is an attempt to boost productivity and allow users to
improve the multitasking.

In other words, tabs in apps allow users to browse apps without
closing the window. For example, you would never have to
close or minimize an app to do something else such as web
browsing in Microsoft Edge. Sets is similar to the tabs in web
browser. The feature will be available for everyone by end of
this year.

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