Microsoft is bringing stickers to Windows 11’s desktop

Windows 11 desktop update

Windows 11 desktop is getting a few new features, and no
they’re not gadgets. According to references found in the
preview builds, a future release of Windows 11 may include
support for wallpaper stickers, which would be a new way to
personalize the desktop to your liking.

Windows 11 includes a wide range of features to customize the
appearance. Right now, you can change the look and feel of apps
by switching between light or dark mode. Similarly, you can
also use accent colours to make apps look better and reflect
your personality. Or you can use apps with Mica, which is a new
type of transparency effect.

It is also possible to change the desktop background with a
custom image or use
Spotlight in Windows 11 22H2. Microsoft is now working on a
new feature called “Sticker Editor”, a pre-installed app to
help users make their own stickers similar to what we’ve in
Telegram and add them to the desktop wallpaper.

This new idea will be offered in Windows 11 Sun Valley 2.
You’ll be able to select stickers using the Sticker Editor and
personalize their look and add them to the wallpaper. It also
appears that the sticker would persist across all wallpapers,
but it may not work if you use a slideshow.

Windows 11 stickers

To use the new stickers on Windows 11, you simply have to
access the personalization settings and scroll to the bottom to
find the “Stickers” option. As you can see in the above
screenshot, you should be able to open Sticker Editor by
clicking on the “Edit Stickers” option in the context menu.

An early version of Stickers is coming in an upcoming preview

Initially, you won’t find a lot of stickers to choose from, but
we understand that Microsoft intends to improve the feature and
offer more stickers based on feedback. It’s likely that
Microsoft has enlisted the help of its Office designer team to
help bolster the sticker options.

We don’t know how these stickers are exactly going to work, but
they are likely to be static for now and they won’t be
interactive. Also, this isn’t the modern desktop gadget that
some people have been waiting for.

If we had to guess, we have to think that many of the stickers
available on messengers will find a new home on Windows 11 via
third-party apps.

Given the feature shows up when we debug the running process in
existing builds of the Nickel branch, it shouldn’t take too
long before we can try out stickers in Windows 11 preview

Stickers are available in every other messaging platform and
it’s unclear if this will be a welcome addition to the millions
who use Windows 11 daily.

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