Microsoft has no plans to remove Internet Explorer from Windows 10

Internet Explorer

AndroidTechNews.Com – Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser is trying to provide
enterprises with a rich set of tools to address their
compatibility concerns.
Chromium Edge will ship with a built-in Internet Explorer
mode that would help enterprise users continue
using their existing legacy services within the new browser.

Although Edge is getting its own Internet Explorer mode, the
software giant still has no plans to entirely remove Internet
Explorer from Windows 10 consumer or enterprise editions.

In a Reddit AMD thread, Microsoft
Edge engineer revealed that the company is not planning to
remove Internet Explorer in Windows 10 and the browser will
continue to be supported.

“IE11 will continue to be supported on the lifecycle of the
OS. No plans to remove IE11,” the engineer wrote in a
Reddit post. “We will continue to support IE11,” Colleen added.

Internet Explorer has always been offered in Windows and many
enterprises are still using it because they’ve internal
services that are optimized for Microsoft’s legacy browser.

According to the latest market share data, Internet Explorer is
more popular than old Microsoft Edge and the majority of users
are on Windows 7. Internet Explorer is the only Microsoft
browser for Windows 7 and those want to run a modern browser
have opted for  Chrome, Firefox or other third-party

Microsoft is also working on Edge for Windows 7 and it may
reduce the market share of Internet Explorer.

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