Microsoft fixes Windows 10 audio issues in the latest update

Windows 10 sound settings

A recently-found audio bug in Windows 10 has just been fixed by
Microsoft, but at the moment it’s only available to people who
download and install the latest optional preview update

For those unaware, after recent cumulative updates, Windows 10
users have been reporting some weird audio glitches, including
a bug where people can hear a “high-pitched squeaking” sound.

Windows 10 audio issues were first reported in April and the
problem is particularly annoying, so it’s good that Microsoft
hasn’t wasted any time developing a fix. Microsoft previously
confirmed that the bug affects some devices using certain audio
configurations, such as Dolby and 5.1 channel.

According to tests, Windows 10 KB5003690 update has finally
fixed an issue where users might experience “high-pitched
noise” or “squeak” sound in certain apps like Spotify or Groove
Music. The problem is experienced when users play audio using
certain devices or modern Windows settings app, and it’s not

As we mentioned at the outset, it’s only fixed in the latest
optional patch. This issue remains present in Windows 10’s June
2021 Patch Tuesday updates, meaning that all supported versions
– version 21H1, version 20H2, version 2004, are still affected.

If you don’t want to install the optional patch, you can wait
for the July 2021 Patch Tuesday update, which will begin
rolling out with security and non-security fixes in the second
week of the month.

Meanwhile, you can try the potential workarounds to resolve
these audio issues. For example, you can enable spatial sound
settings by right-clicking on the volume icon in the
notification area.

Spatial audio

As shown in the above screenshot, you need to select any of the
available options under the “Spatial sound (Off)” menu to deal
with the problem.

If that workaround doesn’t work, Microsoft recommends using a
different app or web browser. For instance, if you have issues
with the Spotify Store app, you can switch to its web app
powered by Microsoft Edge. Only certain apps are affected, so
third-party alternatives or web versions can still work.

Additionally, the optional update contains the cure for a
performance issue affecting certain games. According to the
company, Windows 10’s latest patch will finally resolve an
issue where some users experience “lower than expected
performance in games” after deploying the monthly security

These issues include FPS drops, rendering problems and

As mentioned, these fixes will be included in the mandatory
July Patch Tuesday updates, so you can skip the optional

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