Microsoft Edge (Preview) for Android gets visual search support and more

Microsoft Edge for Android
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Microsoft Edge, which debuted as a Windows 10-exclusive, is
today getting a new update in the Google Play Store. Microsoft
Edge (preview) for Android has been updated to support new
features and improvements, including but not limited to visual
search, synchronization changes and more.

Microsoft Edge (preview) for Android has been updated to
version, and it comes with the following

  • Intelligent visual search.
  • Added support for synchronization status indicator.
  • Bookmark improvements, you can now view the bookmarks
    managed by the organization.

Speaking of intelligent visual search, you can easily find
contact information, including the ability to identify
landmarks and images based on a photo. Unfortunately, the
feature is available in the United States only, but it
will expand to more regions soon.

Microsoft has also added synchronization status indicator for
the reading list and favourites, and you can also view
bookmarks managed by the organization on professional and
school accounts.

And last but not the least, the update also brings general
performance improvements and bug fixes, so the browser should
overall feel a bit faster and more responsive.

You can expect further refinements in this regard, and as noted
above, the visual search feature will make it more market in
the coming future. No ETA is available just yet, but the debut
should happen soon.

As noted above, all these improvements are currently part of
the preview build of Microsoft Edge. In order to download the
new version of Microsoft Edge, you’ll have to enrol in the beta
program on the Play Store.

Depending on the feedback that Microsoft collects from its
testers, the new Edge browser will be pushed to the general
public in the coming weeks as well.

Edge, codenamed Spartan, is a web
browser developed by Microsoft
and originally unveiled with the launch of Windows
10, replacing Internet Explorer as the default web
browser on all devices.

The browser is available on both Android and iOS. Edge is
feature-rich on Android, mostly due to fewer restrictions
on the platform. In the coming months, many more features will
be added to Microsoft Edge on both Android and iOS.

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