Microsoft Edge is getting a new color themes feature to enable fresh look

Microsoft Edge custom themes

Like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (Chromium edition) also
comes with
support for themes via the Microsoft Store and Google Web
Store. Browser themes are custom skins and they can give
Chrome or Edge a whole new look with new colours, background
images, and more.

Microsoft and Google are currently
busy refining the official dark theme in the browser, but
there’s no need to wait for other improvements. Microsoft has
now started rolling out a new feature that lets you create your
own themes for a fresh look.

Traditional themes enable in-depth customization in
Chromium-based browsers, but this new ‘accent colour themes’
support will help you adjust the browser’s colour scheme.

Microsoft Edge UI

Microsoft has already added this feature to Edge Canary, but it
needs to be enabled manually from the flags menu. To enable
accent colour themes support in the browser, follow these

  • Open Edge://flags
  • Search for Theme Picker.
  • Enable the flag and relaunch the browser.

Currently, Edge’s new customization tool allows you to select a
custom colour for the toolbar, Microsoft logo on the New Tab
Page, and the browser window. A similar feature is also
included in Google Chrome under the profile menu, but
Microsoft’s implementation appears to be better.

Edge custom colour themes

There are numerous pre-set colours options for you to choose
from, but it’s now only a matter of time until Microsoft starts
working on a theme colour picker that you’ll be able to use to
select colour hue from your desktop or another app.

In future, you can manually select a colour base for your
theme, and Microsoft will automatically take care of the

Microsoft Edge’s accent colour-based theme generation is live
in Canary builds and the feature is expected to launch
alongside the vertical tabs in Edge 88 or 89.

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