Microsoft Edge 98 is out with new Edge Bar for Windows 11, Windows 10

Microsoft Edge 98

Microsoft Edge 98 is now available and it comes with a few new
features, including support for “Edge Bar”. Microsoft has been
testing Edge Bar for nearly a year now and it aims to make
finding websites and surfing the web easier than ever on
Windows 11 and Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge 98’s flagship feature “Edge Bar” is a floating
and sticky widget that would make it easier to jump straight to
your favourite websites straight. By default, Edge Bar gets
pinned to the right side of the screen and it appears as a
sidebar that can become part of your desktop.

The default panel of Edge Bar offers a personalized news feed
and it’s similar to the News and Interests feed of Windows 10
or Windows 11’s Widget board. You can customize the feed to
include updates on entertainment, sports, technology, stocks,
and whatever else you’d like.

Microsoft Edge Bar widget

You can further customize the feed by liking a particular. You
can also hide stories, use the like or dislike button to see
more or less of a particular topic. As we mentioned, Edge Bar
is a floating widget, so you can select and drag it to any area
of the screen, and it will remember the location.

Of course, there’s a search bar powered by Bing, where you can
easily search the web without having to open the browser. Edge
Bar is customizable, which means you can add your own tab to
the bar. For example, you can click on the plus icon to add a
new feed to the Edge Bar.

Edge Bar

Tabs of Outlook, LinkedIn and Bing are available by default.
You can also add Gmail or Yahoo.

Microsoft Edge Bar features:

  • Multitask with ease using Edge bar: Quickly find what you
    need and seamlessly get back to what you were doing. Edge bar
    provides convenient access to search, personalized news and
    content, and productivity tools without taking over your
  • Whether you want to skim the news, send a brief email or do
    a quick search, Edge bar has what you need. Edge bar enables
    you to find information and complete tasks without switching
    apps or opening a full browser.
  • Pin the Edge bar to the side of your screen to get
    additional information while continuing with what you were
    already doing.
  • The personalized news feed and collection of informational
    content provides news from premium publishers and timely
    updates tailored to your interests.

How to try Edge Bar in Microsoft Edge 98

You can try the feature by heading to Edge settings. In Edge,
either locate the Edge Bar or use the search bar to find its
settings. Select “Open Edge bar” to get started or just through
the menu > More tools > Launch Edge bar.

Other improvements in Microsoft Edge 98

  1. You can configure sites to automatically switch the browser
    to a different profile when you open them. For example, your
    browser’s profile will automatically switch to “Work” if you
    visit the corporate’s site.
  2. A new security feature to enable an extra layer of
    protection for users.
  3. Microsoft is introducing a new design for the scroll bar
    and it’s based on new Windows 11 scroll bars.

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