Microsoft document confirms Windows 10 Cloud PC upgrade

Windows 10 Cloud PC upgrade

Reports have suggested that Microsoft is secretly working on
Cloud PC, a new service that will allow users to access desktop
apps from any device within minutes.

Windows 10 Cloud PC is expected to drop sometime between March
and June 2021, and new exciting details surrounding the service
have now been leaked online.

For starters, Cloud PC is a new Azure-based service built on
top of “Windows Virtual Desktop” and it aims to redefine the
“Modern Workplace” and revolutionize computing environments.

What is Cloud PC?

With Cloud PC, you can have your own personal desktop in the
cloud, which can be accessed from anywhere just like your
OneDrive and Google Drive files. Cloud PC would be hosted on
Microsoft Azure servers and users can access it using the
Microsoft Remote Desktop app for Windows, Android and iOS.

Currently, you can use the Remote Desktop app to mirror the
desktop screen to your phone or devices. Cloud PC will take
things to the next level with a virtualized version of Windows
10 in the cloud. This will allow you to stream the desktop apps
over the internet for improved performance.

Cloud PC

There’ll be at least three different configurations for Cloud
PC – Medium (general-purpose computing), Heavy (better
performance) and Advanced (business customers)

According to a new support
document, Cloud PC will also use Microsoft Graph
technology, which is a tool for real-time collaboration, Azure
integration, and other features. Microsoft Graph v1.0 has been
updated to include new APIs for Cloud PC, which suggests that
this new service could be ready to roll out in the near future.

Microsoft Cloud PC

“The cloud PC API is in preview and is currently available only
to a select group of customers,” Microsoft noted in the

Rumours have also indicated that Cloud PC would allow users to
Win32 apps over the internet to their Windows 10X-powered
PCs. The theory makes perfect sense because Windows 10X is
going to be a lightweight and web-based operating system with
support for apps via the Windows Store.

Support will come for Win32 apps in 2022 when Microsoft is
planning to announce Surface Neo with an improved version of
Windows 10X.

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