Microsoft confirms Xbox Live is down and it’s not just you

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If you’re stuck inside your home because of the novel
coronavirus pandemic and you were planning to play games, you
are out luck today as Xbox Live is down.

Xbox Live is down and it’s not just you or people in a
particular region, according to Microsoft. Xbox Live, which is
Microsoft’s online service for gaming and content distribution
on Xbox, Xbox One, and Windows 10 is currently experiencing yet
another outage.

Users report that Xbox Live service is failing to load, which
means they cannot match with their friends or play any games

“We understand some users may be experiencing errors with sign
in or matching making on Xbox Live, and are currently
investigating,” Microsoft said in a statement.

Xbox gaming consoles are completely dependent on Xbox Live
service. During the outage, you cannot play games against your
friends online, download demos, watch game trailers, or create
a new account.

Users are also unable to sign into to in the web
browser and every service tied to Xbox Live seems to be broken
at the moment. Xbox Store page is also not loading for many

Microsoft has already acknowledged the issue and the engineers
are working on a fix. We’ll update this post as soon as
Microsoft shares more information.

This is a developing story…

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