Microsoft announces new name for its news engine

MSN News by Microsoft News

Microsoft’s MSN portal is on the internet since 1995. The
number of users who actually access the website is slowly
increasing in the last years, and the Redmond-based tech giant
continues to invest in the news business.

Microsoft today in a blog post announced
that its news engine will be rebranded as Microsoft News on all
platforms. However, Microsoft is not ditching the MSN News

Microsoft News only represents the company’s news engine.

Microsoft’s news engine powers the news section on Outlook,
Edge browser, News app in Windows 10 devices, and the
redesigned Microsoft News app for iOS and Android.

“Microsoft News represents the ways we keep people informed
across the web, phone and PC, using our long-tested approach of
curating news via publishing partnerships, human editors, and
AI,” Microsoft said in a blog post.

“With that goal in mind, we’re always assessing our network of
partners to ensure that we provide the most diverse, credible
and well-rounded content available,” writes Rob Bennett, Editor
in Chief, Microsoft News.

Microsoft has been in the news business for more than two
decades. The Redmond-based tech giant Microsoft appears to be
fully committed to the news business, and the company also
rolls out new features and designs for the MSN News.

Microsoft’s announcement also suggests that the portal is very
likely to remain the default homepage in Windows 10’s default
Edge browser.

The aim of Microsoft News is to keep people up-to-date, and the
news engine is powered by the software giant’s tech that
curates news via publishing partners. Microsoft is working with
the reliable news outlets like USA Today, The New York Times,
Fox News, The Washington Post and more.

The apps powered by Microsoft News will aggregate the best news
and deliver it for free on your devices, like Android and iOS.

MSN continues to be part of Microsoft’s long-term plans, and
the chances are that the service will remain up-to-date on all

MSN News is being rebranded as Microsoft News on Android and
iOS. In addition, the update also revamps the look and feel of
the news app.

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