Microsoft accidentally leaks the new OneDrive client for Windows 11

Windows 11 OneDrive update

Microsoft is apparently working on a new OneDrive client for
Windows 11 and it’s built from scratch. This could be the most
significant update to the desktop operating system’s online
cloud storage service and seems to have been accidentally
leaked online by the company over the weekend.

OneDrive is tightly integrated into Windows 11 and it’s also
part of the Windows Search or even File Explorer in
version 22H2. Separate tools are available for multiple
platforms, including Android, and iOS. Windows also comes with
a taskbar-based OneDrive client which lets you manage synced
files, uploads and more.

However, Windows 11 doesn’t have a full-fledged OneDrive app.
This could change soon, according to a new leak. A new OneDrive
client has appeared on Microsoft’s
website and it seems to be based on Windows 11’s WinUI
principles. In fact, it’s a proper app and it looks identical
to the settings app.

As you can see in the above screenshot, Windows 11’s new
OneDrive app features a new navigation experience. The options
are available on the left side and the interface has been
overhauled. There are no new features, but all existing options
are still accessible, including the ability to personalize sync
settings, notifications and more.

You can also add another account and manage features like the
available storage. Of course, you can also manage these options
in Windows 11’s native Settings app.

It is worth noting that the tech giant is still working on the
public preview of the OneDrive storage app and users should not
download the leaked version as it does not guarantee stability.
If you still want to try the new OneDrice experience, make sure
you perform the installation on a device in the Dev Channel.

Additionally, Microsoft is also working on OneDrive integration
for Windows 11.

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