Microsoft accidentally leaks a new interesting Windows 11 app ‘Designer’

Microsoft is working on a new Microsoft Edge-based Windows 11
app called ‘Designer’ which appears to be a new service similar
to Canva, a graphic design platform used to create social media
graphics, presentations, poster, etc.

Microsoft already has PowerPoint, a powerful tool for
businesses or students for creating presentations on any topic.
Canva does the same thing, but it’s more user friendly and
anyone can easily get started with the service, thanks to the
ready-made templates, a wide selection of fonts, and more.

While PowerPoint focuses on presentations, Canva offers more
sophisticated designs and its interface is optimized for
drag-and-drop. As a result, Canva is quicker to learn and it’s
also free, so you quickly get your presentation or
advertisements for Instagram, Facebook etc up and running

Windows 11’s new app ‘Designer’ isn’t supposed to replace
PowerPoint on the desktop operating system or web. Instead,
Designer aims to help students and small business owners make
their own ads, promotional or marketing posts, presentations,
and other visual materials easily.

Microsoft Designer was briefly accessibly via
“” for anyone with a personal or school
account. Unfortunately, Microsoft has now patched the bug that
allowed us to open the portal, but there’s a chance that the
public preview of Microsoft Designer will be announced in a few

Designer, which appears to be a Canva-like web app, could be
promoted as an all-in-one solution for students and businesses
in need of professional-looking graphics, beautiful slide
decks, Facebook advertisements, LinkedIn images, animated
Instagram posts, and other branded assets.

Unlike PowerPoint, Microsoft Designer comes with templates, an
image library, shapes and ideas for your Instagram or Facebook
posts. Thanks to these features, it is possible to create
eye-popping creations within minutes,

According to the leaked app, here’s a list of features:

  • Pre-designed templates can help get you started.
  • Ideas shows you even more designs options and helo push
    your creativity further.
  • Add your design to a social media post and share it with
    your followers.
    Microsoft Designer layout
  • Predefined canvas size: 1080x1080px for Instagram,
    1200x628x for Facebook ads and 1080×1920 Instagram stories. The
    fourth option lets you get started with a custom size.

It is also possible to connect your LinkedIn account and
directly post updates to the social media platform.

“Connecting your LinkedIn allows you to post your designs from
Microsoft Designer to your LinkedIn Profile. Microsoft doesn’t
share any personal data with this application or store your
password,” Microsoft’s leaked document reads.

Most important of all, Microsoft Designer is optimized for
beginners who don’t know anything about designing banners or
art for their social media. In other words, it doesn’t require
you to know anything about design. That’s what makes it
different and interesting from PowerPoint, and it has the
potential to become your favourite design app.

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