Mary Skelter 2 details world, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Alice, Mamoru, and Hikari, Tsuu and Jack’s turn in battle

■ World

◆ Terminologies


—The Living Prison, “Jail”

The Jail is an organism that suddenly appeared and caused the ground of the city to sink. It created a giant prison 666 meters beneath the surface, with the surrounding walls so steep and perilous that it is impossible for the people to climb out.

The Jail is a living prison, with a tower in the center that seems to be growing. The people view this tower as their only hope of escape.

Mary Skelter 2

—Areas Within the Jail

The Jail created multiple areas resembling prisons, and each area is said to house something called a “core.” Each area is also filled with strange-looking monster jailers called “Nightmares.”

Mary Skelter 2

Blood Maidens

A rare group of girls who were born in the Jail. They possess physical prowess beyond the capacity of normal human beings, and employ a variety of special powers.

These girls all have names from old stories and folk tales, but the reasoning behind it is a mystery…

While unverified, the existence of a “Blood Youth” is also very possible.

Mary Skelter 2

Hamelin Liberated District

A base of actions where Tsuu, the Little Mermaid, Mamoru, and others live. The base was built using the subway, and was originally where Hamelin lived. Thus, Hamelin gave it the name, “Hamelin Liberated District.”

Mary Skelter 2

■ Characters

Cinderella (voiced by Asami Imai)

Mary Skelter 2

A Blood Maiden who went missing when Tsuu and the others were very young.

Some people suspect her of murder.

Red Riding Hood (voiced by Rumi Ookubo)

Mary Skelter 2

The first Blood Maiden to be discovered by the Dawn Liberation Force. For that reason, as the older sister-type among the Blood Maidens within Dawn, she watches over the other Blood Maidens—sometimes heroically, sometimes insensitively.

While Tsuu and the Little Mermaid’s interventions keep her ruthless behavior in check, she herself thinks they worry too much. All in all, she is relied upon by the other Blood Maidens.

That is how it was, until that time…

Alice (voiced by Sumire Uesaka)

Mary Skelter 2

A girl who was imprisoned in the cell area with Jack. She was rescued by Tsuu and the others, but became a Blood Skelter while trying to return to the Liberated District.

She has a strong bond with Jack, who became a Nightmare, and still has interacts with him as usual, demonstrating her deep affection for him.

Mamoru (voiced by Ryouta Oosaka)

Mary Skelter 2

A boy who Tsuu and the others encountered when they got lost in the underground cave. While his eyes and appearance look somewhat evil, he is a reliable person who cares for his friends. He is the first precious friend the helpless Tsuu and the Little Mermaid make after they get separated from everyone.

He normally does gatekeeping and odd jobs at the Hamelin Liberated District, where Tsuu and the others are based, and is a reliable partner that supports the Blood Maidens from behind the scenes. He is always talking to his childhood friend Hikari as he pleases.

Hikari (voiced by Manami Numakura)

Mary Skelter 2

A girl who Tsuu and the others encountered when they got lost in the underground cave. She has the ability to shine upon and energize people, as if lightening the mood by simply being there.

She is usually in the first-aid office of the Hamelin Liberated District, and even heals the Marchen servants of Hamelin, who are neglected by the humans.

■ System

◆ Battle: Tsuu and Jack’s Turn

New Element: The Two Action Per Turn of Tsuu and Nightmare Jack

The protagonist Tsuu and Nightmare Jack must act during the same turn. That means you can act twice in a single turn. But by changing up the combination of actions, the battle can take a widely different turn.

As for Tsuu and Nightmare Jack’s reciprocal actions, will you attack enemies twice in a row with Tsuu? Or purify allies twice in a row by using Nightmare Jack’s Nightmare power? Make the best choice based on the situation!

Mary Skelter 2

Mary Skelter 2

Nightmare Jack Runs Wild: “Jack the Ripper”

By using specific commands during battle, Nightmare Jack’s consciousness will be swallowed up by the impulses of murderous intent.

When Jack’s consciousness goes into complete disorder, he turns into the rampaging “Jack Ripper.” The transformed Jack returns to his original form when his turn passes, but becomes aggressive and begins to attack with his Nightmare power regardless of enemy or ally.

Jack and Tsuu’s consciousnesses are connected. For that reason, the rampaging Jack causes Tsuu’s body to gather a large amount of impurity. There is also a possibility that Tsuu will become a Blood Skelter the turn after Nightmare Jack becomes Jack Ripper…! Before he becomes Jack Ripper, Tsuu can soothe Jack’s heart by counseling him!

Mary Skelter 2

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