Leak suggests Microsoft used to have big plans for Groove Music on Windows 10

Groove Music on Windows 10 Mobile

A while ago Microsoft rebranded Xbox Music to Groove
Music and the company hoped that the music service would
become more relevant to consumers. Groove always felt like
something that consumers were unaware of, and Microsoft
finally retired Groove Music service last year.

It appears that the software giant used to have big plans for
the discontinued music service. The report suggests that
Microsoft worked on Groove Music Session, back in 2016, which
could have allowed the users to create a DJ-like session.

Groove Music on Windows 10

The DJ-like session feature in Groove Music was supposed
to launch on both Windows 10-powered PCs and Phones. The
DJ-like session could have allowed users to create a radio
station, create own private radio session and share music with
their friends.

Microsoft also worked on a feature called radio-chat, which
could have allowed users to participate in the radio
session to communicate with each other. In the chat room,
Microsoft could have allowed users to listen to music, share
emotions together, and as well as provide feedback to the

While Microsoft is still supporting the Groove Music as a music
app for Windows 10, the company has abandoned all the big

Microsoft has discontinued Groove Music on all platforms

Microsoft last year discontinued the Groove Music service, and
while you can still use the app as a music player on Windows
10, the
Groove Music iOS and Android apps will completely stop working
on December 1, 2018.

Microsoft also partnered with Spotify to make it easy for
Groove Music subscribers to move their playlists over to the
rival music streaming service.

Microsoft is no longer developing any new music service for
Windows 10, and you are now supposed to download the
alternatives such as Spotify.

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