Latest Pixel 4 leak shows off Pixel Themes and Recorder apps

Google Pixel 4

With all of the Pixel 4 leaks we’ve had lately, you might think that there’s nothing new that could be shown off. The rumor mill has managed to churn some more out, though.

A few new Pixel 4 software features have been shown off in some leaks. Screenshots of the new Pixel Themes app have been shared by 9to5Google that show how you’ll be able to tweak the look and feel of Android on your Pixel 4 to make it feel more like your device.

Pixel Themes app screenshots leak

Tapping on a “Styles & Wallpapers” shortcut on the Pixel Launcher will take you to a theme picker that only shows one option on the Pixel 3 XL, but will have four themes on the Pixel 4. You can then create a custom theme that’ll let you customize your font, an icon design, a system accent color, the shape of the icons in the app drawer, and then name your creation.

The Pixel 4 will also come with a new app called “Recorder”, and it’s pretty much what you’d expect. Screenshots show that the app will let you record your voice or other sounds. There’s a bright white UI — or a darker one if the dark theme is enabled — with a waveform when you’re recording. You can save a recording and listen to it again later and share them if you’d like.

Pixel 4 Recorder app leak

Finally, it’s been revealed that the Pixel 4’s Pixel Launcher will have a gesture that’ll let you bring down the notification shade by swiping down on any empty part of your screen. Since there’s no fingerprint reader for you to swipe down and get to the notification shade that way, Google has decided to give you another way to see your alerts without having to reach your finger all the way to the top of the screen.

Google is hosting an event on October 15, and the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will make its official debut there. While it may seem like just about every Pixel 4 detail that could leak has, today shows that there are still some things that we don’t know about Google’s new phones, so it’s still worth getting excited for next month’s event.

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