iOS 12 will automatically share your iPhone location with 911 centers

iOS 12 911 call location data

We already know that iOS 12 will include new features like improved performance, a focus on digital wellness, and Memoji, and now Apple has revealed another significant new feature that’s coming with the update to iOS 12.

With iOS 12, iPhone owners will be able to automatically share their location data when they dial 911. Apple explains that it’ll use RapidSOS’s IP-based data pipeline to securely share an iPhone owners HELO (Hybridized Emergency Location) info when 911 call centers.  This system will integrate with many 911 call centers’ existing software.

HELO data estimates a 911 caller’s location data using cell towers as well as features like GPS and Wi-Fi access points. Apple began using HELO in 2015, but by utilizing RapidSOS’s tech, too, it should make it much easier and faster for a 911 call center to locate a caller.

Calls to 911 have been an issue with cellphones for awhile, with call centers having to rely on tech that’s not always super accurate to locate callers. That situation is improving as technology gets better, though, and this feature in iOS 12 could seriously help more quickly get 911 services to those in need.

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