Instagram won’t notify someone when you screenshot their Story

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For a few months now, Instagram has been testing a feature that would notify a user if someone took a screenshot of their Stories. Now Instagram has brought that test to an end.

Instagram has confirmed that it has ended its test of the feature that would notify users when someone took a screenshot of their Story and now no one will be notified when you screenshot their Story. No other details on the test or why Instagram has decided to kill the feature have been given.

The feature that’ll notify someone when you take a screenshot of a Story has both fans and opponents. The people that like it want to know when someone is saving images from their Stories, but those that don’t like the feature don’t want a person to know when they’re sharing images from that person’s Story. It looks like Instagram ultimately decided that it was better to let people screenshot Stories in secret.

Do you want to know when someone takes a screenshot of the images you share?

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