Huawei Honor 10 Debuts With Flagship Looks, AI Cameras And Budget Pricing

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Late last month, Huawei unveiled its flagship P20 series which included the P20 and the P20 Pro. Now, the Chinese OEM is looking to bring some of that same design flair of the P20 family down to a more palatable price point, hence the new Honor 10.

Like its pricier family members, the Honor 10 uses the flagship Kirin 970 processor paired with 6GB of RAM. On the display side of things, you’ll find a 5.84-inch 2280×1080 LCD compared to the 2244×1080 LCD on the P20 (the P20 Pro tops them all with a 2240×1080 OLED display). 64GB of internal storage is standard (128GB optional), but there is no microSD slot for added expansion. In addition, the fingerprint is located on the front of the phone, which seems a bit “old school” nowadays in the age of shrinking bezels.

The Honor 10 features two cameras on its back: a 16MP sensor with an f/1.3 aperture, which is complemented by a 24MP telephoto sensor. Like the P20 series, the Honor 10 incorporates AI technology to help automatically adjust your captured images to squeeze out the best image quality. Not to be outdone, there’s also a 24MP selfie camera on the front of the smartphone, nestled within the controversial display notch.

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For those that lament the loss of the 3.5mm headphone jack on many of today’s flagships, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s still present on the Honor 10. In addition, its backed with an AK4376A 32-bit DAC coupled with Huawei Histen 3D audio technology.

The Honor 10 will be available in Mirage Purple, Mirage Blue, Black and Grey. The Mirage colors feature a groovy gradient pattern which is quite eye-catching, while the Black and Grey offerings are there for those that prefer a more traditional finish.

The Huawei Honor 10 is priced at CNY 2,600 and CNY 3,000 respectively, which is roughly $414 and $480 respectively. The smartphone goes on sale tomorrow in China, but there is no word on availability in other world markets. Huawei, for example, is currently under siege from multiple fronts in the U.S., which makes sales here problematic. Rival ZTE is also facing a U.S. “blockade” with respect to smartphone sales.

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