Here’s what’s fixed and broken in latest Windows 10 Build 17692

Microsoft today released a new Windows 10 Insider build 17692
for Fast Ring Insiders. The latest build comes with many new
features like Swiftkey keyboard and blocking of autoplay videos
in Microsoft Edge and more. For a detailed list of what’s new
you can head over to our dedicated article

As has always been the case with Insider builds, Microsoft has
released features for Insiders to test over the weekends along
with lot of fixes for issues in previous flights. Below is the
full list of issues which have been fixed and what’s broken in
the latest Windows 10 Build 17692.

What’s Fixed:

  • Issues pertaining to the audio on systems having firewalls
    has been fixed.
  • Eye Control failing in previous flights has now been fixed
    in the latest build.
  • Gamers had issues with some games crashes on launch in
    previous flights, this issue is now been fixed.
  • Opening Data Usage section resulted in the Settings to
    crash, this issue has now been fixed.
  • Explorer.exe crashing with AppXDeploymentClient.dll issue
    has been finally fixed with the recent build for Windows
  • Insiders in previous flights experienced bug check issues
    with error SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION in afd.sys. This issue has
    now been fixed in the latest flight.
  • Delivery Optimization Settings has now been moved to the
    Settings section under Update & Security. You would need to go
    to Settings>Update & Security>Delivery Optimization
  • Microsoft Edge faced issues with users not being able to
    copy both image and text when selected. This issue has now been
    fixed and users will now be able to copy both the image and
    text by right clicking on the image.
  • Windows Security app crashing issue has now been fixed
    which faced crashes when adding a process to the exclusion

What’s Broken:

  • Due to a merge conflict, some settings in Settings section
    will be missing and / or missing their labels.
  • DRM Video playback in Edge from Netflix will be broken in
    this build. But users will be able to play video in the Netflix
  • Insiders will find issues with the login screen crashing if
    the sign in method is set to Picture Password. Microsoft
    recommends to remove the Picture Password before upgrading to
    the new build.
  • The Game bar is expected to crash on x86 machines.
  • Charts in the performance panel will not update when
    clicking through the tabs.

As is always advised, do make sure to read the full list of
known issues before upgrading to the latest Windows 10 build
which is available for Fast Ring and you can get it by going to
Settings>Update & Security>Windows Update>Check for

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