Here’s what Windows 10 would look like on a Surface Duo phone

Windows Phones never really got the attention within Microsoft.
The software giant’s inability to fix the app gap and a raft of
other management mistakes resulted in an absolute mess.

The idea of Windows 10 on phones actually died some time ago
when Microsoft stopped bringing new features to Windows 10
Mobile. Microsoft also discontinued the production of Lumia
phones and PC makers including HP stopped releasing new models
following the HP Elite x3.

Microsoft internally abandoned the development of Windows 10
Mobile and Lumia smartphones, Microsoft was still working
on a smartphone codenamed ‘Andromeda’ with two screens before
shifting to the Surface Duo.

Andromeda idea was also abandoned after the Windows Store app
situation didn’t improve on the PC. Microsoft moved on and the
software giant started writing dozens of excellent apps for
Android and iOS, such as Your Phone, Office, Microsoft
Launcher, OneNote, and more.

Windows 10 ARM dual screen

Moreover, Microsoft partnered with Samsung on its Android
Galaxy devices to integrate its services, including the Windows
10 Your Phone app.

A report also suggested that Microsoft was considering
Surface Neo-like large device that would run both Windows Core
OS and Android apps.

Those crazy Microsoft Android phone rumours were partially
true. In October 2019,
Microsoft surprised everyone and unveiled the Surface Duo,
a dual-screen mobile device that comes with two 5.6-inch
displays and runs fully authorized and licensed version of
Android with Google services on it.

What if the Surface Duo was a Windows 10 phone?

Windows 10 on Surface Duo

Naturally, due to its failures with Windows 10 Mobile, Windows
Store, and Andromeda OS, Microsoft decided to create a
dual-screen phone as an Android OEM.

But what if the Surface Duo was a Windows 10-based dual-screen
device? Thanks to a new video posted an early adopter of the
device, we now have our first look at Surface Duo running
Windows 10 in tablet mode.

This has been achieved using an app called “Duet Display”,
which provides a lag-free way to use your Surface Duo to extend
the desktop of a Windows PC.

The app basically allows users to access Windows apps and
desktops directly from an Android device that supports the
Google Play Store.

“The app can be finicky when spanning but once you set it up
the latency is surprisingly very low and the image quality is
great despite being wireless. I set the Duo to be the only
screen for my PC which let me enter tablet mode,” Reddit user

The developers of the Duet app promises stellar performance
with zero large and it works pretty well on Surface Duo too,
thanks to the recent optimizations to the tablet mode of
Windows 10.

Do you like the idea of Windows 10 on a Surface Duo-like
pocketable device? Let us know your thoughts in the comments

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