Google will reveal its ‘vision for the future of gaming’ on March 19th

Google Gather Around GDC teaser

Last year, Google announced that it’d be dipping its toes in the gaming waters with Project Stream, a service that it tested that would allow you to stream video games through a Chrome browser on your desktop or laptop. Now it looks like Google is ready to take a full dive into gaming.

Google is hosting an event at the Game Developers Conference, aka GDC, at 10:00 am PT on March 19th. The company says that it reveal its “vision for the future of gaming” at the event, and it posted a teaser video that shows a variety of gaming worlds.

Along with that teaser video, Google has launched a teaser page on the Google Store that says “Discover a new way to play.”

So what’s Google planning? We’ll have to wait until next week before we know for sure, but it seems like some sort of new gaming device could be coming. Google uses the phrase “gather around” in its tweet above and in the URL for its teaser page, and while some sort of gaming service or something like that is a possibility, people typically “gather around” a device or physical product. It’s also worth noting that the teaser page for the announcement is on the Google Store, where Google sells physical products like its Pixel phones, Chromecasts, Google Home smart speakers, and Chrome OS devices.

What do you think Google is planning to announce next week?

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