Google updates Datally app with new features to help control your data usage

Datally app update new features

Remember Datally, the app that Google launched last year to help you monitor your data usage? The app is now getting a major update with four new features.

First up, Guest Mode will let you set a limit on the amount of data that can be used when you hand your phone to someone else to use. This means that your friend won’t gobble up all your data while streaming videos or something on your device.

Next up is Daily Limit. With this feature, you can set the maximum amount of data that you want to use each day. When you’re near that limit, the app will give you a notification and let you either keep using data or block data usage for the rest of the day.

Datally update unused apps Wi-Fi Map

A new Unused Apps feature will show you apps on your that you’re not using. With one tap, you can uninstall one of these unused apps to stop it from using your data.

Finally, a Wi-Fi Map will show all of the nearby Wi-Fi networks, making it easier to use that for your data needs rather than using your limited cellular data. The app will also let you rate Wi-Fi networks after you connect to them.

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