Google says Play Pass is ‘coming soon’

Google Play Pass logo

Google Play Pass is almost here.

The official Google Play account on Twitter teased today that “Google Play Pass is coming soon.” Attached to the teaser is a GIF that shows a ticket with green, blue, yellow, and red quadrants, matching up to the four colors in the Play Store logo.

Google confirmed back in July that Play Pass was in testing at that time. The company didn’t share any official info at the time, but leaked screenshots showed that Google Play Pass will get you access to “hundreds of premium apps and games” without any ads or in-app purchases. A subscription will include puzzle games, premium music apps, fitness trackers, and more, according to the leaked screens.

Pricing for Google Play Pass was set at $4.99 during the test, and a family plan was also available. A free trial may be included so that you can try out Play Pass before plunking down the subscription fee.

Similar to Apple Arcade, which is also launching soon, the goal of Google Play Pass is to let you try a bunch of premium apps and games without having to run up a huge bill because you’re paying for each one. Buying a bunch of premium apps can get expensive if you’re buying them separately, so Google probably hopes that the flat $4.99 fee will get more folks to try premium apps and games that they normally wouldn’t download.

Does Google Play Pass sound like something you’d be interested in?

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