Google releases Android 13 Beta 3

Android 13 Beta 3

Google has released a new beta of its latest Android mobile OS, Android 13 Beta 3, and the software is now available for the company’s Pixel smartphones.

The new Android 13 Beta 3 brings a range of new features to the Pixel devices, it also comes with a range of performance improvements and bug fixes.

Today we’re releasing the third Beta of Android 13, taking us into the final phase of our cycle where we’re focusing on polish and performance. With Android 13, we’ve built on our core themes of privacy and security, developer productivity, and tablet and large screen support.

There’s a lot to explore in Android 13, from privacy features like the new notification permission and photo picker, to productivity features like themed app icons and per-app language support, as well as modern standards like HDR video, Bluetooth LE Audio, and MIDI 2.0 over USB. We’ve also extended the newer updates we made in 12L, giving you better tools to take advantage of the 270+ million tablet and large screen devices in active use.

Beta 3 takes Android 13 to Platform Stability, which means that the developer APIs and all app-facing behaviors are now final. We’re thankful for all the feedback you’ve shared to help us get to this point! For developers, the focus is now on compatibility testing and quality as you prepare your apps for the official release later in the year!

You can find out more details about the latest Android 13 Beta over at Google’s Android Developers website at the link below.

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