Google prepping ‘AltOS’ mode that could allow Pixelbook to run Windows

Google Pixelbook official

Google’s Pixelbook is an attractive laptop device, but not everyone can get by using Chrome OS. Soon they may be able to use another operating system on Google’s laptop, though.

References to an “AltOS” mode have been discovered in the code of the latest Chrome OS build. For example, one says “Message string for AltOS picker screen” and another includes the words “go/vboot-windows”. 

Google hasn’t made any official statements about this code, and it’s unlikely that it will. However, some have interpreted these AltOS references to mean that Google may eventually let you boot into another operating system on the Pixelbook, like Windows.

Being able to boot into Windows on the Google Pixelbook would make it even more attractive and make its $1000+ price tag considerably easier to swallow. Lots of people are accustomed to using Windows and some Windows apps that they need to get work done, and I’m sure there are some people out there that’d gladly buy the slim Pixelbook if they were able to boot into Windows whenever they need to.

Of course, there’s also a chance that AltOS is meant for something else, like testing Google’s Fuchsia OS. It’s also possible that this AltOS feature will end up getting scrapped and will never see a public release. For now it’s a good idea to temper your excitment and stay tuned to see if more developments regarding AltOS arise.

Would you buy a Google Pixelbook if you could boot into another OS, such as Windows?

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