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Google Podcasts app features

Google’s catalog of Android apps is growing again today with the launch of Google Podcasts.

Google Podcasts is a new app for Android that is pretty much what it sounds like. The app will let you search for and subscribe to podcasts and sync your progress across devices. This will enable you to begin listening to a podcast on your phone, pause it, then pick up where you left off on your Google Home.

At launch, the Google Podcasts app will offer more than 2 million podcasts. You can search for a podcast like you’d expect, and the app wil also show you top and trending podcasts when you’re in the mood for something new.

Google Podcasts app features 2

When it comes to playback, you can listen to your podcasts at faster speeds and skip over silences. Google Podcasts will also offer closed captions so that you can skip ahead in an episode and see what’s coming up, and Google hopes to eventually let you read real-time transcriptions in a language of your choice.

Google Podcasts is now available on Android. Google says that it has no plans for an iOS app.

Google is a huge company, and so the arrival of the Google Podcasts app is a big deal. There’s no shortage of podcast apps on the market, but a new app from Google could help more consumers get into podcasts, especially if Google decides to make Google Podcasts a preloaded app on Android. And while the app itself may not be as fully featured as some other podcast clients on the market, Google Podcasts appears to be a clean, easy-to-use app that looks like it fits right in with Android.

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