Google Maps can show you popular dishes at a restaurant

Google Maps popular dishes

When you’re visiting a restaurant you’ve never been to before, it can be tough to figure out what’s good to eat. A new Google Maps feature aims to help with that.

Google Maps can now highlight a restaurant’s most popular foods, complete with photos and reviews. This feature uses machine learning to match dish names from Google Maps users with relevant photos and reviews to help you find the best things to eat. Just pull up a restaurant on Google Maps and check out its overview tab.

You can also go into the menu tab of a restaurant’s Google Maps page to scroll through all of the meals that users are talking about. If something stands out, you can tap on the dish to see reviews and photos. And if you’re in a country with a language that you’re not familiar with, the reviews can be translated for you, too.

This popular dish discovery feature is now live in Google Maps for Android around the world and will launch on iOS in the coming months.

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