Google Chrome for Android to soon let websites send notifications with quick reply


Google Chrome might soon be able to let websites send you notifications, just like how it is currently, but it will come with a newly added Quick Reply support. Meaning, notifications from websites like Facebook lets you quickly get back with a reply just like you would to a normal message from another application.

Just to be clear, the feature is currently in testing and isn’t available even on Google Chrome Canary yet. It would allow you to quickly reply to a notification from your status bar, given that website have support for it. Such a feature should be very useful in scenarios like talking to a customer support chat or messaging friends through a website.

Once the testing is done, the feature should make its way to the Canary channel straight after. Currently, there are no details that explain how the feature works or how to enable it, so it might be a while before it is made available to everyone.

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