Gold iPhone X leaked in FCC photos

Gold iPhone X back leak

For years, Apple has offered a gold color option with its iPhone models. That’s changed with the iPhone X, but new photos appear to show that Apple at least considered a gold iPhone X.

New images published by the Federal Communications Commission show what looks to be a gold version of the iPhone X. The front of the phone is black, just like the silver and black versions of the iPhone X that are now available, but the back and sides of the device are a bright gold color.

Gold iPhone X bottom edge leak

The images are dated back to September and October 2017, but the documents were only made public this month. The FCC will regularly keep some documents of an unreleased product confidential for some time, and that’s likely what happened in this situation.

So what’s up with this device? It’s unlikely that Apple will say anything about this device, as the company probably didn’t want anyone to know about this gold iPhone X. It’s possible that Apple had planned to launch a gold iPhone X but couldn’t get the color right in manufacturing, so it ultimately scrapped the idea before the iPhone X’s launch.

What do you think of this gold iPhone X? Would you buy one if Apple did launch the device?

Gold iPhone X side edge leak

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