Geared Up Podcast: The best games from E3

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate debuts on the Nintendo Switch on Dec. 7. (Photo via Nintendo)

E3, the biggest gaming convention in the U.S., started with a bang this week. Geared Up co-host Andru Edwards is down in Los Angeles for the show and on this episode, we run down the big game announcements of the year from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

Microsoft is pushing to make more Xbox-exclusive games by buying four popular game studios and founding another studio of its own; Sony’s games didn’t stand out as much as its bizarre press conference; and Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros was the hit of the convention. Plus, an intriguing new study on something most people want nothing to do with: Airport WiFi.

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This week’s stories:

  • Microsoft acquires four game studios, including Forza maker Playground Games, and creates ‘The Initiative’
  • Microsoft reveals it’s working on new Xbox consoles, doubling down on game hardware
  • Master Chief returns: Microsoft reveals ‘Halo Infinite’ for Xbox and PC during E3 keynote
  • E3 2018 Analysis: Microsoft’s Xbox One still faces an uphill climb vs. Sony and Nintendo
  • E3 2018: Sony gets out of the way and lets the games do the talking
  • E3 2018: Is this Nintendo’s next ‘Smash’ hit?
  • Fortnite arrives on the Nintendo Switch today; Super Mario Party and Super Smash Bros later this year
  • Sea-Tac Airport speeds to the top of the list in Ookla’s ranking of best free Wi-Fi in North America

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