Fortnite Records 1.5 Million Concurrent Viewers, Breaks Twitch Record

Fortnite Records 1.5 Million Concurrent Viewers, Breaks Twitch Record

June 14, 2018Written by Anthony Nash

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Fortnite continues to reign supreme over the gaming world, as Twitch and Epic Games have announced today that the recent Celebrity Pro-Am event that took place at E3 2018 was the highest watched event ever.

The event, which took place at the Bank of California Stadium and was filled with tons of celebrities, drew in 1.5 million concurrent viewers, which easily broke the 1.1 million viewer mark that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive set for its own major tournament. With popular streamer Ninja being the de facto most popular streamer on Twitch, this is just another notch in the belt for Fortnite, which has become one of the most popular video games of all time since its launch.

The fact that the Celebrity Pro-Am did so well bode well for the competitive aspect of Fortnite, which Epic Games recently backed by promising to provide $100,000,000 for the various community and professionally based events that will go on. Just yesterday, Epic Games announced that a Fortnite World Cup would take place, with qualifiers beginning this Fall and culminating in the very first Fortnite World Cup in late 2019:

As promised, Epic Games will be providing $100,000,000, which will be split between various events at all different levels of competition. Fortnite World Cup play will focus on Solos and Duos, but Epic promises there will be opportunities to squad up in other competitions. The specifics of competitive play are still under wraps, but Epic Games has promised those will come soon.

Will the Fortnite hype ever slow down? Let us know what you think below.

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