Epic Games Utilizes Clever Fortnite Marketing To Thwart Apex Legends Insurgency

In the world of video games, there is always something new in the works to challenge the dominant player in any genre. Such was the case for PUBG when Fortnite first hit the scene, taking the vast majority of battle royale players with it. Fortnite now has new competition for players with Apex Legends having launched as a surprise to most, and it quickly racked up massive player numbers. Apex Legends launched early this month and within eight hours of launch had 1 million players battling for the win. Within three days of launch, Apex Legends had 10 million players.

apex legends

The marketing crew over at Epic Games sees that Apex Legends is offering competition that other games hailed as being Fortnite killers were unable to present. Anyone who uses Google is familiar with the listings that pop up at the top of the page, which are clearly marked as ads. The companies that purchase those ads can target them at specific keywords, and when those keywords are searched, their ad pops up.

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Epic has targeted Fortnite Battle Royale ads at the Apex Legends keyword, so when gamers search for Apex Legends, they will be presented with a link to download Fortnite. How big of a payoff for Epic Games this will have is unknown. With Fortnite being far and away the biggest game in the genre, anyone interested in battle royale likely has Fortnite downloaded already, and are just looking for something new to try out.

The popularity of Fortnite is staggering; the game is so big that it is

Netflix’s biggest competitive threat, even ahead of HBO which has the incredibly popular and heavily streamed Game of Thrones series to its credit.

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