Eero is now part of Amazon, and its routers are on sale

Eero router and beacon

Eero is now officially part of Amazon following the announcement of Amazon’s acquisition of Eero last month, and to celebrate, you can now get a deal on Eero routers.

Amazon is now offering Eero Home Wi-Fi Systems for $100 off. This means that you can get one Eero plus one Eero Beacon for $199, one Eero plus two Eero Beacons for $299, or three Eeros for $399. These deals are only available today, though, so you don’t have long to jump on them.

The Eero Home Wi-Fi System uses intelligent mesh Wi-Fi tech to help cover your entire home in Wi-Fi coverage. The Eero Beacons are small Wi-Fi access points that just plug into a power outlet, helping you to spread glorious Wi-Fi throughout your home with small, discreet devices. The whole system takes minutes to set up, says Eero, and you can do set up and manage your routers with a companion mobile app.

As for Eero now being part of Amazon, the Eero team says that it’s now got “the resources and opportunities to improve existing products through more frequent software updates, to launch new products and services, and to expand globally in the years to come.” In the near future, customers who own an Eero and an Echo and buy connected devices from Amazon will be able to have those devices automatically look for the Eero network and use encrypted credentials to connect.

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