EarTrumpet is a must-have replacement for Windows 10’s audio controls


Windows 10 is one of the finest version of Microsoft’s desktop
operating system, and it brings visual makeover to
the tinest parts of the OS. The volume control
UI, which can be accessed from the taskbar, also comes with a
modern look but truth to be told, Windows 10’s volume controls
aren’t that special.

Windows 10 volume controls are very basic, for example, you can
only set the volume for the default speakers you’re listening
to and do a few other things. While the modern UI for the
volume controller looks good and the features updates have
brought more improvements in this regard, but the volume
controller still needs refinements.

In Windows 10, you can assign the apps sound to a specific
audio system, but you’ve to do that manually for every single
app. The well-known developers David Golden and Rafael Rivera
worked together on a new version of EarTrumpet, which brings a
better volume control to Windows 10.

EarTumpet is a must-have replacement for Windows’ taskbar audio
control. It basically allows you to control the sound coming
out of your audio devices, directly from your taskbar.

With EarTumpet, you can easily change the volume of multiple
audio systems from the taskbar by using the mouse wheel. It
also supports the multi-channel peak metering, enhanced
app session grouping, keyboard shortcut and other features.
Windows 10’s default volume controller is not even close to

EarTrumpet offers both advanced and prettier view of the
sound that’s coming out of your various audio devices. You can
reassign different apps to different audio outputs, for
example, you can assign the games to play sound from the
headphones, and let Groove Music play sound from the primary
audio system.

It’s a UWP app available in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10
desktop. Once you’ve launched the app, you would need to look
for the EarTrumpet audio icon in the taskbar and click on it to
access the advanced audio control panel. It’s worth noting that
there will be two audio icons, so you would need to hover your
mouse over the audio icons until you find the EarTrumpet.

You can download EarTrumpet from here.

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