Dragon Star Varnir ‘Dragon Core’ and ‘Giant Boss Battle’ screenshots

Dragon Star Varnir

Idea Factory International has released new English screenshots of Dragon Star Varnir introducing the “Dragon Core” system and giant boss battles.

Here are the details, via Idea Factory International:

  • Dragon Core – During battle, players can eat a dragon using the Devour Skill. Once the dragon is eaten, you obtain its Dragon Core—a skill tree that grants characters new skills and bonuses. The Dragon Core is a unique system that allows players to explore 126 possible Dragon Core combinations! Whenever you select the dragon to devour, there is a success rate percentage of devouring. Weaken the enemy to increase your chances! Be sure to use different party members, because each Dragon Core devoured will only be available to the party member who successfully devoured the enemy.
  • Giant Boss Battle – Prepare yourself against a giant dragon battle where dragons take up all three tiers! Focus attacks on specific body parts to disable the body part’s attacks and even temporarily knock out bosses to change the tide of battle!

Additionally, Idea Factory International has updated the game’s official English website with character pages for Karikaro, Laponette, and Charlotta:

Dragon Star Varnir is due out for PlayStation 4 this summer in North America and Europe.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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