Dragon Quest Builders 2 introduces Lulu

Dragon Quest Builders 2

The latest issue of Weekly Jump has the latest information on Dragon Quest Builders 2, including the introduction of a new character named Lulu.

Here are the details:

Go on an Adventure in a World Made of Blocks

You, who descended from the legendary Builder, wash ashore on an uninhabited island as following a certain incident. There, you meet a boy named Malroth. Fight alongside him, gather materials and make buildings, and survive. Your adventure begins now.

  • Image Caption #1, Mid Page Left: The Hargon Order that is trying to destroy the world will block the protagonist’s path forward…!?
  • Image Caption #2, Mid Page Right: The name of the uninhabited island is literally “Vacant Island.” Survive on an island that currently has nothing!

Where is Vacant Island located?

Vacant Island is the base of your adventure. Build rooms and tools to make it more comfortable! The island may be empty, but it is filled with dreams!

Cook the Shellfish You Find and Have a Meal!

Procure food, cook, and explore the mysterious ruins.

Clear Trials and Aim to Become a Master Builder

The captain of the shipwrecked ship will send the protagonist to nearby islands by boat.

New Character: Lulu

The daughter of a first-class builder, she cares for the builder apprentice protagonist and washes ashore on the island with him / her.

As announced earlier this week, Dragon Quest Builders 2 will launch for PlayStation 4 and Switch on December 20 in Japan.

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