Devil May Cry 5 Will Release “Before End of March” 2019, Says Capcom

Devil May Cry 5 Will Release “Before End of March” 2019, Says Capcom

June 17, 2018Written by Zarmena Khan

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The first quarter of next year is going to be full of video game releases, and Devil May Cry 5 is joining that list. In its E3 announcement trailer, Capcom revealed that it’s targeting a spring 2019 release window. A subsequent press release from the company specifically mentions that the game will be out “before end of March.”

Referring to Devil May Cry as one of its “major brands,” Capcom also announced that the series has cumulatively sold more than 16 million units since its first release in 2001.

“By leveraging its wealth of widely recognized IP, Capcom aims to further increase its corporate value with consistent releases of major titles each fiscal year,” reads the press release. “Capcom remains firmly committed to satisfying the expectations of all users by leveraging its industry-leading game development capabilities in order to create highly entertaining gameplay experiences.”

Capcom is also releasing a remake of Resident Evil 2 on January 25, 2019. The 22-year old Resident Evil series, which became a popular media franchise, has sold 83 million units since its first release in 1996. The second installment is one the best-selling game in the series with almost 5 million copies sold.

“More than 20 years later, support from the passionate fan base across the globe even today makes it Capcom’s flagship game series,” wrote the company.

[Source: Capcom via Destructoid]

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