Devil May Cry 5 to be Playable During Gamescom 2018

Devil May Cry 5 to be Playable During Gamescom 2018

June 20, 2018Written by Lucas White

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Capcom recently held a stream in Japan via Capcom TV, and the subject for this event was upcoming character action sequel Devil May Cry 5. Several tidbits of information were provided, chief among them an announcement that Devil May Cry 5, due in Spring 2019, will be playable by the public for the first time very soon.

Much to the chagrin of North American or Japanese fans, this is going down at Gamescom later this year, which takes place annually in Cologne, Germany. This year’s event is set to run from August 21 to 25, so book your travel accordingly, Devil May Cry fans.

Japanese gaming site Game’s Talk reported on the stream, and thanks to the power of Google Translate, we can pry a few details out ourselves. Once again, Itsuno confirms that this is a direct sequel to Devil May Cry 4, and development is taking place in Osaka. The Devil Breaker, which Nero (who once again is the main character) now uses, not only provides similar functions to the previous game’s Devil Bringer, but can also transform and be ridden, among other things.

Nico, the new mechanic character, is the grand daughter of Niel Goldstein, who created the Ebony & Ivory guns Dante is famous for. She created the Devil Breaker, which is noted to be fragile and disposable, implying she’s around for repairs and even replacements. Also, there’s a fun bit about the outfits in the game being made in real life, and scanned to model for the game.

[Source: Game’s Talk]

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