Deemo Reborn DLC ‘EGOIST Special Selection’ second trailer

Deemo Reborn DLC 'EGOIST Special Selection'

Publisher Unites and developer Rayark have released a second trailer for the Deemo Reborn downloadable content “EGOIST Special Selection” due out on March 18. As previously announced, it will be available free of charge until April 19.

The downloadable content will feature the following songs:

  • “All Alone With You”
  • “Planetes”
  • “Kimi Sora Kiseki”
  • “Ghost of a smile”
  • “Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~”

Deemo Reborn is available now for PlayStation 4 worldwide.

If you missed it back in September 2019, watch a trailer for the “EGOIST Special Selection” add-on here.

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