Deemo for Switch version 1.2 update launches in April


The version 1.2 update for the Switch version of Deemo will launch in April and add three song packs consisting of 14 songs.

Some of the songs added in the update include:

  • Feryquitous Collection: Cydral
  • Feryquitous Collection: Erua
  • Feryquitous Collection: Rhuzerv
  • Funkot Collection: Are You Ready
  • Funkot Collection: En ga Chop
  • Funkot Collection: Funky Quest
  • Shattered Memories 2: Aquamarine
  • Shattered Memories 2: Ruins in the Mirage
  • Shattered Memories 2: White Fantasy

Deemo is available now for Switch via the Nintendo eShop.

Watch a trailer for the version 1.2 update below (from 1:17:01 to 1:17:46).

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