Concept imagines a redesigned Windows 10 File Explorer

File Explorer for Windows 10 concept

Microsoft is working on
Windows 10 Redstone 5 update that will bring a
dark theme to the File Explorer, along with some other
refinements. All hopes are now that something could change in
the next big release codenamed Redstone 4. It’s likely that one
day Microsoft will also implement Fluent Design in File

The latest preview builds released for Windows 10 from the
Redstone 5 branch also comes with other improvements, including
support for the tab-based interface Sets.

Dark vs light File ExplorerWe’re still a
few months away from the official release of Windows 10
Redstone 5, but that hasn’t stopped designers from using their
imaginations to depict how the new File Explorer could look.

A designer has published a new concept that imagines a revamped
File Explorer. As with most concepts, this one also
imagines a Dark Mode. The File Explorer here again features
such as support for Ribbons, and the design blends beautifully
into the Windows 10’s Fluent Design.

Designer Amit Shukla has created a concept that envisions both
dark and light themes for File Explorer, and its all based on
Fluent Design.

Without a doubt, Fluent Design implementation could make people
drool over the new concept, and it’s one of the top requests
since forever. Fluent Design for File Explorer is something
that Microsoft could implement in a future Windows 10 update.

The video, seen below, imagines a File Explorer interface with
various changes, such as support for multiple themes, ribbons,
and more.

It remains to be seen if such a design would make its way to
File Explorer.

File Explorer will get Dark Theme and Sets interface this fall

tab support will be soon added to File Explorer with Windows 10
Redstone 5 update, and this is one of the most requested
features. Microsoft seems to be too interested in developing
new features for File Explorer.

The tab interface will help users access multiple folders in
File Explorer at the same time. In addition, Microsoft is also
implementing dark theme in File Explorer, and it indeed looks

In other news, Redstone 5 will be bringing Fluent Design to
small parts of Windows 10 operating system, including the
context menu.

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