Carbon 1 MK II carbon fiber smartphone gets durability tested (Video)

Carbon 1 MK II

Carbon 1 MK II

The Carbon 1 MK II is a smartphone that it made from carbon fiber and now we get to find out how durable the device is in a new video from JerryRigEverything.

The case of the handset is a monocoque chassis constructed used Formula 1 technology and the device is designed to be thin, measuring just 6.3mm thick. Lets find out how it performs in the durability tests.

As we can see from the video the handset showed scratches at levels 6 and 7 on the display,this is in line with the majority of the handsets on the market today.

As we can see from the bend test, the handset did not survive this and the screen cracked when the handset was bent the opposite way, so the device did not pass the durability tests.

Source & image Credit JerryRigEverything

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