Best Offline Android Games In 2018


AndroidTechnews.Com – Enjoy entertainment in the midst of technological advancements as now difficult cases come out. The reason is, you no longer need to leave the house, because through a device such as a smart phone or smartphone you can already create pleasure at home. One of the games that is played is a special offline Android-based cellphone.

Play Store provides a variety of offline games that you can download for free. Because it does not require an internet connection, the games will not make you worry about the data that has been said. So you don’t get confused and choose too long, there is

Best offline Android Games In 2018

1. Alto’s Odyssey

alto's odyssey, best offline android games in 2018

alto’s odyssey, best offline android games in 2018

The main display in Alto ’Odyssey is a dry desert and glides on a sandboard board, not a snowboard like in Alto ’s Adventure. Although dry, this desert is made very beautiful with the background of sunrise, hot daylight, desert storms, rain, sunset and a very exotic darkness. You can feel like playing for a long time in these games while enjoying the atmosphere given.

Still using the same genre, Alto Od Odyssey is endless running games. You will find a 2D graphic display from the side to the character that continues to slide from the left side of the screen to the right.

There are various obstacles that you will find throughout the game. Ranging from rocks, hot air balloons, rope bridges with ropes and also ravines and stones that can be used to glide if you have purchased a special sandboard.

2. Sky Force 2014

Playing the Sky Force 2014 game can be said to be uncomplicated for beginners. You just need to work the way and move the plane anywhere. There are features that are quite unique, if not touched by the Offline Android Game will run slow. This feature can give you a pause with rotating movements on the screen, enough to exercise when you’re saturated.

Not only running the aircraft, in this game you can also upgrade with stars that come from work. The upgrade process takes some time and you have to wait until it’s completely finished. After upgrading the aircraft, don’t forget to buy equipment and weapons to fight the enemy.

3. Plants VS Zombie 2

The offline listing of the first game is included in the list of exciting zombie themed games. Well here you can see this zombie themed video game as well as spread the link of one of my youtube video accounts.

But it does not match the thumbnail of the zombie 2 minigore which is the choice of Plants VS Zombie 2.

Quoted from DuniaTeknologi.Info This offline game was last updated on November 21, 2017 by the developer, ELECTRONIC ARTS. Not only that, in ELECTRONIC ART also provides sophisticated features and graphics, this is done by developers to spoil their users.

No wonder if Plants vs. Zombies 2 is demanded by many Android users, especially for players who like Offline Games. Well! for those of you who have never had a game like this, I really throw you away. What I really like about this game is that the game play is very interesting with a fun enough plot. So far, this game has been installed for more than 10,000,000 – 50,000,000 and has a rating of 4.4 / (5,355,152) from data using Google Play.

4. Dream League Soccer 2018

The next offline game from one of the best android soccer games, Dream League Soccer 2018. This game was last updated on December 14, 2017 by the developer, First Touch. Not only that, First Touch also provides features and graphics, this is done by developers for home users.

No wonder if many Dream League Soccer 2018 users like offline games without internet, especially football. Well! for those of you who have never had a game like this, I really throw you away. What I really like about this game is that the game play is very interesting with a fun enough plot. So far, this game has been installed for more than 100,000,000 – 500,000,000 and has a number of ratting of 4.6 / (9,940,816) of the data we quoted through Google Play.

As the name implies, this game will make you dream of building a soccer club and gathering talented players from various parts of the world. Then your football team will face clubs like Barcelona, Chelsea, Juventus and others. It will be very exciting, it can be your club can be a champion, a very extraordinary thing. This game can be an option for those of you who want to feel the feeling of being a football club owner.

5. Own Coffe Shop

Own Coffe Shop, Best Offline Android Games In 2018

Own Coffe Shop, Best Offline Android Games In 2018

The best offline android game this one is the fruit of the work of the nation’s own children. Own Games company is also the one who makes the game Round and Fried Rice. In addition, the Own Coffe Shop also won the 2016 Guilty Pleasure Award from International Mobile Gaming Southeast Asia.

As the name implies, Own Coffee Shop is the best offline android game that allows you to build and manage virtual businesses. With menus and features provided in this game, you can manage coffee shops according to taste, and nets of customers who have an interesting life story. Not only that, you will also issue an investment strategy and hone it as well as possible to make your coffee shop the most successful at the Own Coffee Shop. There is no way that the lessons and lessons you get from this game can be applied in the real world.

6. Can you Escape 3D

Do you like games that sharpen the brain? Means, you have to install Can You Escape 3D on the gadget, because this game will provide an addictive challenge. In this game, you as a player must be able to control the game and look for clues or puzzles. The trick is to swipe your fingers to see three-dimensional space and move the camera in the game in various directions. A combination of 3D visuals and easy control makes Can You Escape 3D one of the best offline games in 2018.

7. Escape Titanic

Escape titanic, best offline android games in 2018

Escape titanic, best offline android games in 2018

Yes, this offline game was inspired by the Titanic tragedy that happened over a century. In addition to being made a film, Titanic also became the main icon in the Android game entitled Escape Titanic. In this game, you have to fight from the ship before it’s too late. There is no clue or the only thing that can help you is intelligence of thinking. Another thing that is different from the Escape Titanic is that there are no two scenes, you must be careful in making every decision that puts your life and death at risk.

8. Taxi Game

Taxi Game will definitely be favored by players who love the simulation game. In this game, you will become a taxi driver who is tasked with tracing big city traffic. The way to play at a glance is not much different from the jobdesc of taxi drivers in real life, namely finding as many passengers as possible to be delivered to their destination. It’s just that, as a simulation game, Taxi Game has provided a number of features such as 3D display to give a real impression to the different routes that you must take when driving in this best offline game.

9. Into the Dead

The next unique game that you must try on an Android phone is Into the Dead. In this game, you are required to always shoot and run if you don’t want to be ‘killed’ by the zombies. The tension sensations emitted throughout the game immediately trigger adrenaline, so you don’t want to stop playing. Into the Dead is so popular with Android cellphone owners because it has been equipped with very intense audio-visuals and strengthens the real impression of scary zombies. In addition, you can invite friends to participate in this game.

10. Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution is a game from Ubisoft Entertainment. With the arcade game theme, the game makes you a fierce shark starving. Then your task in Hungry Shark Evolution follows the predator’s behavior: preying on small monsters to improve hunting abilities. Another unique thing that you will get when playing Hungry Shark Evolution is that it can activate baby sharks. With three-dimensional graphics and powerful audio effects, this game will make you act like a creepy shark on the sea floor.

11. Daddy Was A Thief

This android game is different from usual. You will not play hero characters or good people. Instead, you just have to run a character who acts as a bank robber. The source of the problem, he was fired from his office at work, then decided to become a robber. How is the excitement of carrying out an evil mission? Just taste the adventure.

12. Plague Inc.

The next new offline game that you should install and play on mobile is Plague Inc. The game launched by the Miniclip developer allows you to design and spread dangerous viruses throughout the world. The excitement offered by Plague Inc. also makes it one of the most successful virus-themed simulation games in the world. Through this game, you will know the ins and outs of the world of viruses. You also don’t need to worry about internet connection, because Plague Inc. can be run offline.

Like the plan in Daddy Was A Thief, in this Plague Inc game you also become a bad person. The difference is, this time working as a scientist who developed a virus to eradicate humans on earth. Sadistic indeed, but in this game, you must have a strategy with people who have the ability to make compilations and viruses.

13. Diponegoro Tower Level

From its name, you can already guess that this game comes from Indonesia. Yes, this game named Diponegoro Tower Level is managed by homeland game developers and carries the theme and character of national hero Pangeran Agung Diponegoro. In this game, you are presented with a plot to defend the area in a battle. In addition, you must always be ready to attack or defend from the enemy. In short, Diponegoro Tower Level will provide a war adventure like Prince Diponegoro in his time.

This best offline Android game is actually not telling the story of Prince Diponegoro’s struggle. In fact, you play the role of Prince Diponegoro, who arranged a strategy to fight the invaders. This game is made domestically, precisely The WALi Game Studio from Cimahi.

14. Puffero

In this offline game, you will find a concept that is somewhat funny and different from similar games. The reason is in Puffero, you will be a land clerk whose duty is to protect the area from the attack of poisonous cute creatures. As a form of protection, you will often run, jump, and blow up the road. Puffero which raised the theme of the arcade action will also give an award in the form of a platinum super mind-blowing medal for those of you who successfully carry out the mission. For those of you who are looking for the best offline games for Android phones, there’s no harm in installing Puffero.

Puffero belongs to a game that is suitable for relaxing. The way to play is simple and does not make you tired. The story, the main character must avoid the pursuit of the enemy which is actually just cute and cute creatures. But who would have thought, this funny creature was able to knock down trees to attack with explosives to block your journey. Simple but fun and fun. That is the reason why Puffero from Rolling entered the ranks of the best offline Android games.

15. Big Little farmer

Build your farm, develop and harvest with Big Little Farmer which is one of the best free offline android games available on the Play Store. You can feel the stress-free life of a farmer and beautify your farm with this offline game.

There is no fighting or running in the game. But instead, you must build an agricultural business with bread and dairy products. You have to sell your product through an delivery truck, fill orders and make yourself rich when you start in the game.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, you have to work hard on farming skills to improve your farm and become successful. Feel the life of a farmer and love to see your agricultural empire grow big.

16. Special Forces Group 2 – Action (FPS)

Are you a fan of the First Person Shooter game? With Special Forces Group 2 you get a 3D Person Shooter experience in real time. You have the option to play Singleplayer or Multiplayer mode.

It has 5 different types of gameplay: Bomb Mode, Capture the Flag, Resurrection, Classic and Zombie Modes. You have six characters per team, seven pistols, three rifles, four submachine guns, and more weapons to win the war. It features offline mode so you can play it without an internet connection and is one of the offline Android games that is faster than most others.

17. Splashy Bird

The best offline game for the next android is Splashy Bird from Moonchild Studio. This game is said to be an imitation of the Flappy Bird game that is no longer found on the Play Store. In this game you will play 3 bird characters; Robin, Becky and Frank. You have to run these 3 bird characters to get through various obstacles.

18. Lara Croft Relic Run

The next best offline android game from the adventure genre and is an endless runner game or endless. The game will not stop until the player loses himself. His story raised the journey of Lara Croft who was the main character in the 1996 film Thomb Rider. In this game he was told to go on an adventure to hunt for antiquities. Various obstacles must be conquered. Although usually endless runner games are easy to play, but in Lara Croft Relic Run, there are several sessions that make it difficult for players to get past it.

19. Battle Ghost 2

This best android offline game is made by young Indonesians. Precisely Raion Studio which is also the application development community in Brawijaya University Malang. As the name suggests, this game describes the battle of the ghosts. You have to help the ghosts both survive and drive out the evil ghosts who want to master the magical tree which is said to have a source of mighty power. There are various unique features and game paths which will certainly make you feel at home playing this game.

20. Pixel Dungeon

This best offline android game is the work of Watabou, Russia. This game is classified as RPG, aka role playing. You have to run the character of your choice to move, unfortunately this game presents a viewing angle from above so it is less comfortable. However, the challenges presented turned out to make the players feel at home with this game.

21. Smash The Office – Stress Fix

Boring, dull, angry, stressful? Want to go berserk but still think about the consequences that make us lose? This is the solution. Smash The Office- Stress Fix. The best offline android game to solve your emotions. You can slam office equipment, break glass, roll over tables, break everything, but only in the game world. Tuokio Oy the developer of this game inserts various equipment to rampage in this game. Equipped with distinctive sounds, your stress can be reduced safely and comfortably.

22. Fruit Ninja Free

Fruit Ninja Free is an android game that will keep you busy wiping the phone screen. Depicted carrying a katana, this game player who exploded when hit by a katana. That’s where players need precision and caution while having to cut the fruits thrown. But be careful, there are speed bombs among the fruits. This game was developed by Halfbrick Studios and keeps updated on its features.

23. Hardest Game Ever 2

Hardest Game Ever 2 is a very difficult game. That’s why it’s very worthy to occupy the ranks of the best offline android games until 2018. According to the developer, Orangenose Studio, only around 17.4 percent of players were able to solve the challenges in this game. The challenges are various and must be completed with an S rating to unlock the next level.

24. Beach Buggy Blitz

In this game you will be invited to race on beaches with a four-wheeled vehicle called Beach Buggy. You have to go through all the obstacles along the way in this game. Vector Unit, the developer of this game provides various coins and other interesting things provided for the players. This game can be played online or offline. But if you want to be free from advertising, just turn off the internet connection and play offline with comfort.

25. Subway Surfers

Subway surfers are action games that are classified as free running. How to play it too easily, but also tense. The main character is a teenager who likes to draw graffiti on city walls. He also had to save himself from the pursuit of the police who wanted to arrest him. So, in this game you only need to run the main character to run, run, jump and run continuously while avoiding various obstacles.

26. Peju

It’s a strange name for Indonesian people’s. But this best offline android game is one of the domestic works. Precisely by O Studio from Bandung. The way to play it is simple but the challenge is difficult. You only need to run the bird character to fly while avoiding various obstacles in front of him. Difficult, this game is very sensitive to movement on your cellphone. Just a little wrong move, then the pace of the game will be different from what you want.

27. Flappy Birds

Still about controlling birds, Flappy Birds is a game that makes annoying but challenging. You must control a bird that is still learning to fly through various obstacles. Difficult, this bird easily falls or crashes into pipes that block its path. Even though it’s been deleted from the Play Store, you can still download this game at the feature.

28. Bounce Original

Want to reminisce with Bounce games like in the heyday of Nokia? This is the answer. Bounce Original has been present as one of the best offline android games. In general there is no difference in how to play with the Nokia mobile version. But of course you no longer need to press the keypad buttons, just press the Android phone screen.

29. Angry Birds 2

popular Angry Birds are not too timeless. From the time of PCs to smartphones, Rovio Entertainment’s games continue to maintain existence. In the second version of this storyline, the way to play and the rules are still the same, there are only a few additional features. The point is still about angry birds and attacking pigs and other enemies. This legendary game is worth trying.

30. Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 will take you on an endless adventure in endless running genre games. Imangi Studios, the developer of this game presents various challenges in the adventure of finding green gems. Besides Temple Run 2 is also a sequel to the continuation of the first game, but with a different place.

31. Badland

Badland is the best offline android game that has been downloaded by more than 6 million users. This game has won an Apple Design Award in 2013, so it’s worth your try. Meet the challenges of Badland by conquering 40 levels in 4 different forests. If you don’t want to be defeated, we also have cheat tricks.

32. Dumb Ways to Die 2

Dumb Ways to Die 2 is a continuation of the first series. This game was developed by Metro Trains and is one of the editor’s choices in the Google Play Store. You must make the main character in this game to be great. The problem is, besides being weak, cute and funny creatures in this game tend to be silly and stupid.

33. Diversion

Feel the exciting adventure by playing action games from With 200 levels, 7 worlds, and 700 characters, you will feel great excitement. Worth the Diversion to occupy the ranks of the best offline android games until 2018.

35. Soar

The next game is still about birds. Soar is an adventure game about Phoenix birds that fly across various obstacles. This best offline android game has actually been released since 2014, so it’s not new anymore. However, the fruit of Obium’s work is still challenging to play. Especially with the offline version, you will be more free without having to worry about running out of quota.

36. Overkill 3 – Action

Overkill 3 is another impressive offline android game with a great action that can be played without stopping. You must maintain a Generator here which helps by destroying your enemies with high voltage lightning.

This game has a group of cruel people who want everyone who does not obey it. You must save innocent people by destroying bad people. Overkill 3 does have an offline mode so you can play it while traveling without the internet.

37. 3D Pool Ball

Have you ever played Billiards with 3D Pool on your Android? Did you know, 3D Pool Ball is one of the better offline android games in the sports genre. This game offers pocket billiards (a.k.a swimming pool) in 3D view as you play in the real world.

With 3D Pool Ball, build your legacy in the world of swimming pools and compete with other real players around the world. You can play like a pro trophy and win by defeating skilled swimmers.

38. Dart King

Have you ever played dart king? We believe this dart game is on our best Android game list because you can play it offline if you play in single player mode. For multiplayer mode, you need a clean connection.

You only need to drag and slide to throw an arrow and there is also a training mode for beginners. This game supports Google achievement and leaderboards. This is free and contains advertisements when playing online. But this game is less desirable because of the lack of challenges in this game.

39. Eternium: Mage And Minions

Eternium will remind you of Diablo and Torchlight. It has innovative and unique features such as “swipe to cast” controls and player-friendly rules “no umbrella, never pay to win.” Even though you have some features that you get when playing online, you can play this game offline without a hitch.

You can play as a magician or warrior with a sword or ax and learn new tricks to increase the items you have. Jump to the dark caves, explore the forest, travel to the moon to kill unknown creatures among the craters and canyons.

40. SoulCraft – Action RPG

SoulCraft is one of the best RPG games on Android. This game is intended for fighters who have played the ultimate games. This game has beautiful graphics with demons and other evil creatures in locations such as Venice, Rome, Hamburg, New York and Egypt. You can play this game with various modes such as running, arena, Hellgate, crystal defense and boss fights.

41. Legend of Darkness – Offline RPG

Legend of Darkness is one of the best offline Android RPG games where you as a hero must kill monsters to reach the next level. You must collect materials to make equipment and destroy various types of demons. Find monsters and push them to death.

The stronger the monster, the better the reward you get. Hidden monsters give more awards. You need to make equipment that matches the material available with the help of the Abyss. That is the point of this game.

42. Beamdog Collection

The Beamdog collection is a list of famous PC games ported to Android in APK format. These games are RPG Games that can make you feel at home for hours playing games. The list has Planescape: EE Torture, Baldur II Gate, Dale Icewind: Enhanced Edition, and Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition.

There are no in-app purchases. Although the game is not free, this game is very beautiful to play offline on your Android phone. The game is complicated, so we recommend that you play it on a large cellphone or tablet.

43. Several Final Fantasy Games

Some Final Fantasy games can be played offline, but you need to enter at least once with an internet connection. This game takes more than 20 hours to complete, and each series tells a story. Costs differ from game to game but are worth paying for a game.

The list includes Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Mobius Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Portal and so on. These are some of the best offline RPG android games.

44. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars is one of the best offline Android RPG games ported to Android from a PC. Old Republican knights have long stories with many ends depending on the choices you make when playing. The graphics are interesting, and you can ask questions if you are confused about the game.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has achievements that make it interesting to play this game. It’s not easy to solve it in a short time and it takes time to gather the right characters that help you get out of the game successfully.

45. Dummy Defense

In this game you have to design and build buildings to save Melvin from attack. The danger of attacking the main character comes from a giant hammer, a thorny wall, until the Devil’s attack is named Kelvin. Also tighten, because you have to complete the building in the allotted time.

46. Ready Steady Bang

Ready: Steady Bang is a game made by Noodlecake Studios Inc., its contents are about the match against the cowboys. You have to fight fast to shoot your opponent.So like a cowboy one-on-one duel, you wait for the signal to shoot. With the words “Ready, Steady … Bang!” And you must be able to paralyze your opponent, or even get shot. This game really tests focus, speed, and thrilling.

47. Piano Tiles

Piano Tiles is very worthy of the best offline android games because it has won awards in several countries. Incredibly, this game was awarded as the Best of 2015 Google Play Store in 13 countries. For those of you who want to learn and hone the ability to play the piano, just enjoy this one game.

That’s 47 best offline android games in 2018 that you can download and install for free on Android phones. Previously, you also had to make sure several things besides adjusting the game to your taste. Make sure the storage memory on the mobile can accommodate the game and does not slow down the device’s performance. Then check whether the Android operating system on your mobile supports the selected game. If you have checked these things, then you can play the latest offline games without experiencing obstacles.

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