Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle rated in Taiwan


Attack on Titan 2

The Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee has rated “Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle” for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC, as well as a “Final Battle Upgrade Pack” (PS4, Switch, PC).

Koei Tecmo is listed as the publisher, meaning that this is likely an updated version of its Omega Force-developed Attack on Titan 2 game released in March 2018. It should be noted that while an Xbox One version was not rated, the original Attack on Titan 2 was not released for Xbox One in Taiwan. Neither was the PS Vita version, which was only released in Japan.

The “Upgrade Pack” will likely allow existing owners of Attack on Titan 2 to obtain whatever upgrades the “Final Battle” edition of the game will offer.

Koei Tecmo has yet to officially announce Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle.

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