Aston Martin Rapide AMR Is 007’s Not So Stealthy Four-Door Family Car

If 007 ever decided to settle down with a nice young lady and have some kids out in the countryside, the Aston Martin Rapide AMR would be his car of choice. This beast is all sports car, but just so happens to have enough doors to haul the kids whilst hauling all the arse you want. AMR stands for Aston Martin Racing and is meant to be a brand within the brand that draws on direct engineering and style from the Aston racing cars and road cars.

rapide amr back

Aston says that the Rapide AMR is its most extreme four-door sports car and has improved performance, dynamics, and style compared to the standard Rapide. This is the production version of a car that Aston showed at the Geneva Motor Show last year and the big beast hasn’t lost much in translation. The car has a grille meant to remind of the track-only Vantage AMR Pro racing car. Aston also crammed circular daytime running lights from the Zagato model.

rapide amr front

The car has aerodynamics tuned to reduce lift while retaining a neutral balance with a splitter, sills, rear diffuser, and boot lid lip spoiler all made from carbon fiber. Aston Martin also made the bonnet with large ventilation inserts from carbon fiber for less weight. The heart of the Rapide AMR is a naturally aspirated 6.0L V12 engine that boasts a new larger inlet manifold and tuned length dual inlet runners to enhanced airflow along with a new engine and gearbox calibration.

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That work gives the big V12 603PS and 630NM of torque, which is about 595bhp and about 464 ft-lb of torque, allowing the car to run from 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds. This is the first Aston to wear 21-inch wheels and those big wheels are shod with Michelin Super Sport tires. The forged wheels have a multi-spoke design for style that also helps brake cooling. A brake cooling system was nabbed from the Vanquish S with modified ducts and dust shields.

rapide amr wheel

The brakes are carbon ceramic standard and are 400mm at the front with six-piston calipers and 360mm rear with four-piston calipers marking the largest brakes ever fitted to a Rapide model. Aston offers the Rapide AMR in three design schemes. Standard and Silhouette schemes come in four colors including Mariana Blue, Scintilla Silver, Lightning Silver, and Onyx Black. The Standard scheme has AMR Lime accents on the splitter, sills, and rear diffuser. Silhouette scheme ditches the Lime accents for a full-length contrasting stripe in China Grey or Clubsport White. A Signature scheme matches Stirling Green paint with Lime accents and a Lime stripe and looks a lot like that awesome $3 million AM-R 001 hypercar.

rapide amr console

Inside, the car has either AMR Lime or Galena Silver welting and stitching on the seats with a full-length carbon fiber center console and seats trimmed in Alcantara. Buyers can also choose a One-77 style steering wheel. Buyers wanting something completely different can customize with Q by Aston Martin to their liking. Only 210 of the Rapide AMR cars will be built and it sells for $240,000 with deliveries starting in Q4.

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