Are you watching the NHL or NBA Playoffs on your phone?

Stanley Cup Playoffs

I have a variety of different video apps installed on my phone, what I would consider the basics: Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. There are a few others, but ultimately they just take up space on my phone and don’t see a lot of attention. There have been moments where Netflix or Hulu have saved me from some cranky kids, when they were younger, but ultimately they’re just on my phone because they’ve been installed when I was setting up a new phone and I never took them off.

I can’t remember the last time I activated Netflix or Hulu with the intent of actually watching something. Mostly because I very rarely have 30 or 60 minutes to devote to something I’d typically watch on one of those services.

Now that I can try and convince my two little ones that patience is a positive thing, I don’t need Netflix or Hulu to bail me out.

So, other than YouTube, which I use to watch movie trailers on a pretty regular basis, the video apps on my phone aren’t utilized all that often, if ever. And I don’t watch a lot of sports on my phone, either — typically for the same reasons as I mentioned above. If I watch a game I typically want to watch the whole thing, which means investing a lot more time than I have when I’m out and about.

That changes when it’s Playoffs season, though. NHL Playoffs, to be specific. I watch a lot of hockey in the regular season, but mainly on my TV. Once the postseason starts, though, I will use any amount of minutes to catch a period if I can. This typically means I’ll be watching hockey before a movie starts, because this is typically when I have an unbroken 30 minutes to myself.

The Playoffs is important enough to me that I’ll change my habits once a year to watch more, and longer, content on my phone. And while I’m watching a game right now (Pittsburgh versus Philadelphia) on my TV, I got to wondering just how many others out there might do the same thing.

Of course, it’s not just the NHL Playoffs going on right now, so I figure I should expand the question to cover the NBA postseason as well, even if I don’t watch it myself. But let’s just toss a huge net. Do you find yourself watching sports more often on your phone than any other content? Does the postseason of whichever sport you prefer make you watch it more often on your daily driver? Let me know!

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