An updated Galaxy Fold has gotten screen damage

Updated Galaxy Fold display damage

The redesigned Samsung Galaxy Fold is launching tomorrow, but it looks like at least one review unit is having a problem with its screen.

A Galaxy Fold unit developed a brightly colored bubble in the middle of its display after a day of use. TechCrunch‘s Brian Heater says that the bubble is small, measuring maybe a centimeter across, but the fact that it’s in the middle of the screen probably means it’s hard to ignore.

Because this Galaxy Fold unit wasn’t dropped or anything like that, Heater suggests that the bubble may have developed after he pressed the display to fold the phone closed. Samsung has issued instructions on how to care for and use the Galaxy Fold, and in it the company says that you should “Just use a light touch” and that you shouldn’t “apply excessive pressure” to the screen.

Updated Galaxy Fold damage close-up

Here’s what Samsung said about this Galaxy Fold:

“We have seen an enthusiastic response to the launch of the Galaxy Fold in several markets over the past few weeks, with thousands of consumers enjoying the unique experience it offers.

The Galaxy Fold is a first-of-its-kind device, made with new materials and technologies that allow it to open and close just like a book.

We encourage Galaxy Fold owners to read the care instructions included in the box and in the product manual available online. Products used within these guidelines are covered under warranty. If they have any questions, Galaxy Fold owners can consult with Samsung product specialists through the Galaxy Fold Premier Service any time, any day.”

Samsung has said that it will give Galaxy Fold owners a $149 screen replacement if they need it, but it hasn’t yet been confirmed if this particular Fold with the bubble in the center of its screen would qualify as a product used within the care guidelines.

Samsung has made improvements to the design of the Galaxy Fold since the first design had display issues earlier this year. These include extending the top protective layer to the bezels so that it doesn’t look like a screen protector that you peel off and putting protective caps on the hinge to prevent dust from getting in. Still, the Galaxy Fold and its foldable screen is a first generation device and the screen is fragile. If you want to buy an early adopter and are planning on buying a Galaxy Fold, you’re probably going to have to be gentle with it.

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