A New DLC Pack for The Surge is Now Freely Available

A New DLC Pack for The Surge is Now Freely Available

April 18, 2018Written by Elvis Michael

Cutting Edge Pack DLC

Developer Deck13 hasn’t stopped supporting its action RPG hit, The Surge, since it released back in 2017. Now the game’s latest DLC is here, and it’s completely free of charge!

The Surge’s new DLC, aptly named “Cutting Edge Pack,” grants players three new sets of weapons, armor, and jumpsuits for maximum carnage.

The new jumpsuits include:

  • The Angel: This devastating suit was designed for use in deep space, particularly in the harshest conditions players could possibly explore. The Angel provides a boost to attack speeds, harder impact, and it’s more energy efficient
  • The Asclepius: Designed to assist army veterans, its aggressive power greatly improves life regeneration
  • The Nano Ward: This suit adds explosive blasts to well-time blocks

On the offensive side of things, new weapons include:

  • The Experiment 44H: Also known as “Dark Star,” this beauty easily leverages containment fields to destroy enemies
  • The Engerhart: This powerful weapon is a threat both to enemies and to the person that handles it. It uses a special boost technology to make it incredibly fast, hot, and highly unstable
  • The BioN J-1: This one was designed as a medical tool, but you can use it to dismember enemies with ease

Note that you’ll need to face six new enemies within Abandoned Production, Executive Forum, and Nucleus in order to unlock these goodies.

The Surge has also been heavily discounted on Steam and the Xbox Marketplace through April 20, though nothing is yet planned for PlayStation 4 owners, sadly. Said discount includes The Surge: Complete Edition along with all available DLCs for only $24.99. Otherwise, individual DLCs can be purchased for as low as $2.

Be sure to grab this new, devastating DLC while you wait for The Surge 2. The Cutting Edge Pack for The Surge is now freely available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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