Zanki Zero details Shigabane, skills, and base camp systems


Spike Chunsoft has updated the official Japanese website for Zanki Zero: Last Beginning with new information on the game’s “Shigabane,” skills, and base camp systems.

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Clones have a feature called “Shigabane” that grants resistance to their newly Extended bodies depending on the cause and circumstances of their death. Through this Shigabane effect (Shigabane Bonus), cloned humans become strong enough to be reborn.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning

For example, if you die by the attack of a wild animal, the damage your next body receives from that animal will be reduced. Or if you die by poison, your next body will become less susceptible to poison.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning

There are also Shigabane applied depending on the circumstances at the time of death, including non-direct causes of death such as “dying by accumulating too much stress” or “dying at an impasse.” Through various types of deaths and repeated ed Extends, cloned humans will gradually become less likely to die, able to explore the ruins even further, and fight against more dangerous enemies.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning


The main characters can learn skills by using the skill points acquired when leveling up. The skills that can be learned differ per character, but are mainly divided into three categories—battle, exploration, and crafting. There are also skills for each age group, such as those whose effects are only displayed in childhood.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning

The skills you learn will not be lost if you die, as they are carried over into your next body after an Extend. Leveling up does not increase your stats, as each age has fixed stats, so character development is done via Shigabane Bonuses and skill acquisition.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning

Base Camp

By securing materials and expanding the base, you will be able to use new facilities at the base camp. “Reformer Skills” are required in addition to materials in order to expand the base.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning

By building a workshop, you will be able to manufacture weapons and armor, as well as enhance them. The more you upgrade your facilities, the more powerful the equipment you can produce.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning

If you build a kitchen, you can cook ingredients. Cooking ingredients increases both their recovery effect and safety, as well as reduces their weight as items.

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning is due out for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on July 5 in Japan. It is also planned for release on PlayStation 4 and PC in North America and Europe, but a release date has yet to be announced.

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